Systemic Constellation

Our Approach  

Awakening Leadership offers an innovative approach to addressing ineffective decision-making, poor productivity and unsatisfactory team performance. One of our primary methodologies, Systemic Constellation, focuses on dynamics that operate largely outside of everyday awareness. This approach will reveal hidden human dynamics and provide surprising new perspectives to enable our clients to deal with organizational challenges in much more effective ways.

Examples where Systemic Constellation can help:

  • Gaining better understanding of the marketplace
  • Resolving difficulties in reaching team and personal goals
  • Improving collaboration and engagement
  • Resolving underlying cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions
  • Resolving dysfunctional power structures
  • Clarifying challenges from changes in leadership positions
  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Improvement of team dynamics or key relationships
  • Improving organizational re-engineering
  • Clarifying and stabilizing the decision-making process
  • Identifying transitions in family business, including generational transitions

Systemic Constellation reveals overlooked resources and hidden capabilities that can increase the effectiveness of existing initiatives and organizational development methods. The impartial, nonjudgmental, and inclusive nature of constellations can efficiently and effectively highlight interpersonal and/or interdepartmental obstructions to success in as little as two to four hours.

Our Purpose                                                                                                                                    

To elevate and activate leader and employee awareness of the criticality of relationship dynamics in their organization’s success. Our approach includes empowering everyone to make change a desirable and successful core competency.

How We Work

Awakening Leadership is dedicated to resolving internal stakeholder and/or external customer relationships issues to improve operational performance. Organizations, like all social systems, develop a range of dynamics that include structure, culture, and engagement of key stakeholders. These dynamics exert a significant effect on the behavior of everyone in an organization—and its ultimate success.

Based on the success of Organizational Constellation Facilitation, we enable leaders to deal with the increasing complexity of systemic organizational performance, with a focus on decision-making and deployment to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in delivering products and services. An added benefit is a focus on cross-purpose work, to address dysfunctions and, occasionally, animosities between different areas of the organization.

Our Services

  • Initial organizational dynamics assessments
  • Relationship dynamics workshops
  • Leadership and team workshops/coaching
  • Individual assessment and coaching
  • Sustainability methods and implementation

About Us

Greg Gibbs, a Strategic Change and Systemic Constellation Consultant, has consulted for over 20 years with Fortune 500 companies world-wide. Among other work, he has coached leaders in both the public and private sector to design and deploy more realistic and effective strategy, including facilitating their strategic sessions, trained and mentored hundreds of teams in business process improvement/innovation and designed communication strategies for key change initiatives.

Vina Parmar, MBA,

Awakening Leadership also includes a larger network of organizational design and improvement consultants focused on strategy design and deployment, organizational relationship analysis and emotional intelligence coaching. The differentiation in what we provide lies in our expertise in all facets of organizational design and development, from strategic planning  to business process innovation and management.