Sacred Plant Medicine Journeys
For Leaders, Coaches, and Clergy

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakes.”


Experience a rite of passage that 75% of people rank among the 5 most spiritual experiences of their lives


Experience integration coaching that clients describe as more powerful in an hour than a year of talk therapy 


Experience a deep sense of belonging with fellow travelers as you share in the journey of a lifetime


The Awakening Leadership Program is for leaders, coaches, and clergy who are seeking to self-actualize
through genuine, mystical experience.

There is a profound connection between mystical experience and leaders who live out their purpose in the world – for those who are willing to do the work of integration.

What does it mean to be alive? What happens when we die? Is there a God? Is there a point to any of this? Well, according to the ancient philosophers and mystics, there are answers to these questions. Like, real answers.”
-Brian Muraresku, New York Times best-selling author, The Immortality Key


Join a Forum

Journey FORUMS 


Join one of our carefully curated journey forums of ~8-12 members


3-month hero’s journey curriculum + 1:1 integration coaching 


3-night journey retreat

Bring Your Forum

FORUM JourneyS


Journey with an existing forum, mastermind or (wo)men’s group


3-month hero’s journey curriculum + 1:1 integration coaching


2, 3, or 5-night journey retreat format exclusive to your forum




Journey solo or with a partner


3-month hero’s journey curriculum + 1:1 integration coaching


2 or 3-night journey retreat format exclusive to you


For over fifteen years, Nathanael Chawkin has been a trusted spiritual guide and executive coach to leaders and coaches who are seeking to awaken their full potential in this lifetime.

The space of awareness and presence that is cultivated in coaching sessions with Nathanael allows leaders to awaken to conditioned patterns and relationship dynamics they have been asleep to, oftentimes for decades, resulting in radical shifts in mindset and behavior that can occur from a single moment of realization. These sessions are said to have a lasting, exponential impact that is psychoactive in and of itself.

  • I feel blessed to have found Nathanael and Elizabeth. Their guidance and mentorship over the past 6 months has helped me navigate obstacles and better understand myself after an amazing journey. I would highly recommend anyone work with them who is looking to level up professionally, personally or spiritually.

    Samantha Alspaugh, Director of Global Sales & Corporate Development, RapidSOS

  • Working with Nathanael and Elizabeth I received everything I asked for, nothing I expected. It was a profound experience. They offer a unique combination of embodied experience with the ballast of deep intellectual wisdom. Together, with thorough integrity, they maintain a challenging and supportive container for inner transformation.

    Jonathan Domsky, Founder, Untangled Coaching

  • Having worked closely with Nathanael over the last 4 years in both a personal and professional setting I can attest to the power of his process and the pervasive positive impact it has on both company culture and team members personally. I won't start another company without this commitment being embedded in the culture.

    Ian Gardner, CEO, GoFor Delivers

  • ¨I have journeyed with every psychedelic - even combinations of psychedelics - and all of my biggest breakthroughs as a leader have come from doing The Work with Nathanael.¨

    Jon Vroman, CEO, Front Row Dads

  • ¨Nathanael changed my perspective and my whole foundation for growth. He is a trusted advisor, peer, and confidant that enables and supports a different level of coaching and questioning. Get ready to work and get ready to change as you grow your leadership and self. Enjoy the ride."

    Brian Turner, President U.S. Markets, Slalom Consulting

  • "In over 20 years as a forum group, we had never experienced a forum retreat as transformative to our interpersonal dynamics as the one we had with Nathanael."

    Patrick Condon, President, Finished Basement

  • ¨I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to work with Nathanael. In short, he is one of the most uniquely intelligent, insightful, and self-aware people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. His holistic approach seamlessly incorporated age-old wisdom and modern-day best practices to drive new understandings. Ultimately, the lessons Nathanael taught became the building blocks for meaningful long-term growth, both professionally and personally.¨

    Alan Blake, CEO, Glofish

  • ​​¨Nathanael is the most exceptional coach I have ever worked with. His approach is holistic at the intersections of personal, family, social, and business. In our time together, as attested by many fellow peers and family, my life was radically changed. He not only helped me make the necessary life shifts but also gave me the tools to ensure I remained the course. Genuine, intelligent, empathetic, and forthright.¨

    Curtis Eggemeyer, CEO, Envirocon Technologies

  • “I got more out of an hour with Nathanael than a year of therapy. He jumped right to the heart of a key relationship conflict and quickly helped to heal and transform it. Just one session changed the course of my life. Brilliant!”


*Testimonials do not necessarily reflect client participation in plant medicine ceremonies.

The Journey Begins

Virtual Launch:



Two Months


Journey Retreat

2, 3, 5-Night Options


One Month

3-Month ALP

$4500| $6500 | $10,500+


With Elizabeth & Nathanael






-Deep Self Inquiry
-EMBODIED Leadership

Retreat: Feb 8-11th 

(14 of 12 Seats FILLED)

ALP Standard

Weekly 1:1 Coaching 

ALP+ Plus

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching
Monthly Forum

ALP∞ Infinity

Annual Coaching Intensives
For Legacy-Minded Leaders

Single Room

Double Room


Psychedelics IN the mainstream

How To Change Your Mind is officially streaming on Netflix! Based on the best-selling book by author Michael Pollan, this docuseries dives into the frontiers of the new psychedelic renaissance.

Episode #2 is dedicated to psilocybin history and ceremony. Get an intimate view into what it looks like to experience this sacred medicine and hear the profoundly moving and life-transforming impact of these journeys.

If you’ve been wondering whether this type of journey is for you, this series could very well be How To Change Your Mind.

Journey Forum I☝Jan 26-31, 2023


Imiloa Institute is a home and an experience where human beings are invited to awaken their consciousness.

Imiloa Institute is founded on the leadership principle that together, through a spirit of service and a posture of learning, we can cause the individual and social transformation of the planet.


Whether you’re in 200 year old homes from Bali on the cliff, Geodesic Domes deep in the Jurrasic Jungle or Jungalows with bathtubs out to our unofficial sloth sanctuary, you’ll have a story to tell about your stay at Imiloa.



At Imiloa, we like to call our food “conscious comfort food.” That means we serve healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all of our retreat guests.


Miles of jungle pathways that lead to different gems on the property, including our private waterfall, named by the priests of the Indigenous Tribe (Kogis, from Colombia) “Morundwa.” The tribe visited Imiloa, as many tribes do, and activated our waterfall.

Awakening Leadership
Program Structure

Accept The Call to Adventure of your own personal hero's journey: align your intentions for healing and growth with the impact you want to create in the world.


Cross the threshold of the known world and prepare yourself for the retreat: train your body, mind, and spirit, and do the deep work that will help you "peel the onion" on the inner dynamics of your own ego. Explore your current leadership style and how you unconsciously sabotage your ability to actualize your vision and get to the next level.


Enter into ceremony as the descent of the hero into the underworld: experience a genuine ego death and rebirth as you are profoundly healed and transformed inside of an expanded state of consciousness that cannot be described in words.


Stabilize your metamorphosis through the integration process: make meaning of the key insights and takeaways from the journey and build life practices around a new way of being that reflects your next level of leadership.


Return back home with the ultimate boon: integrate the otherworldly gifts of the journey into inspiration and action in the ordinary world. Show up differently at home and at work. Translate expanded states of consciousness into everyday awareness to create a life aligned with your vision, values, and purpose.




Psilocybin Occasions
Mystical Experience

In Johns Hopkins clinical studies of high-dose psilocybin therapy, 75% of all participants to date reported that the experience was one of the five most meaningful experiences of their lives, while 25% said it was the single defining mystical experience of their lives.


In clinical studies at NYU, a “complete mystical experience,” provided by a high dose of psilocybin, was critical for the therapeutic effects that produced sustained reductions in depression and anxiety levels in end-of-life cancer patients over at least 6 months.

Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology, or the telescope is for astronomy.




For nearly two thousand years in ancient Greece, citizens were initiated through mystical rites of passage known as the Eleusinian mysteries. These rites were so secretive that to reveal what you saw in Eleusis was to risk execution, which is why Huston Smith, perhaps the most influential religious scholar of the 20th century, called it “the best-kept secret” in history.

These mysteries were based on the principle of gnosis: knowing by direct experience as opposed to belief. Many of the greatest thinkers from the ancient world, from Plato and Pythagoras to Cicero and Marcus Aurelius, all made the pilgrimage to Eleusis to partake in a visionary experience that was universally attested to as something that ended the fear of death and gave meaning to life.


We invite all leaders, coaches, and clergy to apply who have previously participated in YPO/EO forums, executive coaching, leadership development, psychotherapy, shadow work, couples work, (wo)men’s groups, self-inquiry and/or other spiritual practice. All members will be invited to step into coaching and being coached by their peers – in addition to doing advanced integration work with expert facilitators. If you do not yet meet these criteria, we would be happy to support you in joining one of our other stepping-stone offerings.

Please keep in mind that a history of mental illness, schizophrenia, or psychosis are contraindicated for psychedelic use and may disqualify you from participation. Always consult a physician before modifying any regimen of medications or antidepressants.

The Journey Continues

Continue in a bi-annual retreat rhythm with your forum, nominate and mentor new members OR move on to a next-level Call to Adventure.


Pursue advanced training in the Mystery School: a spiritual community of practice based on the principle of Gnosis - knowing by direct experience as opposed to belief.


Join our Coaching Dojo as part of a bootcamp for leaders & coaches who would like to bring the gift of continuous learning and development into organizations.


Continue in a 1:1 coaching intensive with Nathanael (limited availability) or other certified coach.


After completing a bootcamp, begin to disrupt and democratize the culture of your organization by upshifting to a “Zen Basketball” approach to team dynamics.


Scale leadership throughout the entire company with regular rhythms for peer coaching: “The Airbnb approach to talent management.” Take your core values “Off the wall” and put them “On the mat” as a Conscious Culture where "Everyone is a coach." Develop a dynamic action-learning approach as a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) that makes people development an integral part of your business strategy.



We believe that psychedelics are entheogens that have the power to occasion mystical experience. We believe that mystical experience heals at an underlying, existential, root-cause level. We believe that it is mystical experience that is at the root of clinical outcomes. 

We believe that sacred plant medicine journeys are initiatory rites of passage that require intensive preparation, intentional set and setting, and an inward orientation to the mystery. 

We believe that integration is a practice (not an event). We believe the work of psychedelic integration is psychological integration (i.e. ongoing inner work). We believe that membership in a Community of Practice is the best way to sustain integration and find belonging, meaning, and purpose.

We believe the work of integration continues beyond you: we invite you to transform your team into your Community of Practice –  a core value driven Conscious Culture, and Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO) that makes people development an integral part of your business strategy.  

We believe the work of an awakening leader is to wake up the workplace by empowering their workplace to become the primary source of their own personal awakening as a leader.   

“Every time I had a personal breakthrough, Whole Foods had a breakthrough. And, every time I was ready to have another breakthrough, Whole Foods would show me because of what I was complaining about in Whole Foods.” 
-John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods Market and the Conscious Capitalism movement 


To the Journey of a Lifetime

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”